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Google Analytics Training

In Digital Marketing Courses, Google Analyticsby Eddie May

This one-day Google Analytics training course will enable you to understand the how and why of  measuring your website’s visitor data . With a good understanding of Google Analytics marketing teams will be well positioned to

  • make realistic and actionable changes to their online marketing strategy
  • derive actionable strategies
  • identify the best traffic and sources of such traffic
  • setup and track digital marketing campaigns
  • calculate ROI on their digital spend

This one-day course is only £299.99. To book call 0116 279 3822.

  Google Analytics Training Course Objectives

After completing this Google Analytics training course you will be able to:

    • Understand the basics of Google Analytics and how to use it.
    • Track visitors and identify quality traffic sources
    • Understand how to track campaigns
    • Understand how to meet visitor’s needs and expectations.

Google Analytics Training Course Overview

Introduction to Google Analytics

  • Overview
  • Key terminology, technology and how Google Analytics works
  • Installing the tracking code on your website
  • GDPR
  • Best practices

Account Management

  • Creating accounts, sharing date & reports
  • Annotations
  • Trend analysis

Metrics for Success

  • Visits, Unique Visitors and Pageviews
  •  Length of Visit Report, Time on Page and Time on Site
  • New vs Returning Visitors, Pageview vs Unique Pageviews
  • Using Analytics to calculate ROI


  • Understanding Content Reports
  • Understanding Top Landing Pages, Top Content Reports
  • Understanding Bounce Rates & how to improve
  • Site Search Usage, Terms, Start Pages, and Destination Pages

E-commerce, Goals & Funnels

  • Enabling E-commerce tracking
  • Understanding Goals, how to create and track
  • How to use Funnels & understand Funnel Visualisation

Event Tracking

  • How to use
  • Tracking downloads, outbound links,

Course Requirements

  • Bring a Wifi enabled laptop.
  • Bring login details of your  website.
  • Bring login details for your Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly Google Web Master) accounts.

Course Duration

The course is 7 hours and runs from 9:30 am to 16:30, with an hour’s lunch break. Complimentary refreshments included. There is a cafe on-site and in central Leicester there are plenty of alternative options within a 5 minute walking radius.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for those people who are looking to get a grip on their website’s analytics data and to improve website performance and outcomes. Marketing professionals planning to improve their Google Analytics skills and practice should attend.

Call us on 0116 279 3822 if you want to discuss the course prior to booking.

Google Analytics Training Course Costs

This one-day course is £299.99. To book call 0116 279 3822.

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